PipeHawk plc provides a program of training courses to familiarise new and existing users and supervisors, in the safe use and application of PipeHawk products. It is our intention to provide the best product-related instruction and professional training available. Participants can register for courses by contacting our training coordinator at +44 (0)1252 338959 or by sending an email to

Training Location
PipeHawk plc will normally host courses at our UK training centre, near Doncaster where we can accomaodate from 1 - 16 persons per course.

Training at alternative locations may also be arranged, subject to availability.

Course Format
All courses are instructor led. A PipeHawk instructor is both a skilled operator and technical trainer, with unrivalled practical experience covering the most demanding of scenarios. Courses comprise of units covering a mixture of product theory, techniques, demonstrations and practical application exercises. Participants are given personal instruction and are given training materials to be kept for reference. Normal course hours are 9am - 5pm daily. Course formats are subject to change without prior notice.

Course Assessment
Participant assessments will be made on a unit-by-unit basis during the course (40%), a practical test (40%), and a written test (20%). A final course assessment of 80% or more is awarded PipeHawk plc certification and registration.

Courses require a minimum of one participant. Maximum number of participants is dependent upon individual courses. Please contact our Training Coordinator for space availability. A pre-course questionnaire is provided at the time of the initial request for registration. Participants are encouraged to complete and to return the questionnaire as promptly as possible. Responses enable us to tailor course materials and content weighting (where allowable).

Pricing Policy, Payment and Confirmation
Please refer to course details for pricing information. All training course prices are subject to change without prior notice. Course prices include refreshments and lunch. Accommodation can be offered as an option if required. Total course payments must be cleared two weeks prior to attendance. PipeHawk plc will notify participants of confirmation of course loading once payment is cleared.

Rescheduling and Cancellations
The following charges apply for cancellations and for rescheduling of courses;

    * More than five working days notice - No charge
    * Less than five working days notice - 50% charge
    * Less than two working days notice - 100% charge

Participant substitutions are acceptable as long as notification has been given at least two working days before the start of the course. A substitute must be of a similar technical background to the original student and must have similar learning objectives.


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