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Legislation, CDM rules and Health and Safety requirements, no construction company can afford to risk excavation or a directional drilling project without prior knowledge of the obstacles and risks. Power locators can’t find non-metallics - trial holes are slow and expensive. There is a better way - PipeHawk II - the only ground penetrating radar designed specifically for utility detection.

Hit a gas main and you’re in big trouble - site closure, fire brigade, police, diversions, project delays - you know the scenario. Not to mention claims, compensation, penalties and it may not even be your fault.

Gas and electricity supplies are big hazards when digging, so can you afford to trust what the site utility plan says? PipeHawk takes away the risk, putting you in control - work smart and work safe.


Ground Breaking Technology

Ground Probing Radar technology allows you to see the position and depth of pipes and cables in real time. So with PipeHawk you can work smart and work safe, surveying and marking the site as you go. It puts you in control and makes projects more predictable, eliminating delays and unexpected surprises. Do your Health & Safety record a favour and trust only your own Underground Intelligence with PipeHawk.

Designed For The Construction Industry

Environmentally friendly, the system is a robust, non-invasive locating device which can be operated day or night, rain or shine. Easy to use, PipeHawk is ready to go within a minute of arriving at a job site - enabling you to start locating underground services and other dangerous objects immediately. Battery powered, with no trailing cables or peripheral devices, PipeHawk can be used safely and easily in a construction environment, by one operative.

Your Underground Intelligence


PipeHawk locates underground pipes and cables and other items made of: 


The Unique PipeHawk II Series Can Help You

The only GPR system designed specifically for the construction industry. This Series is the
result of 5 years commercial development and has been proven around the World.

The New PipeHawk II Series comes in two configurations. PipeHawk II IMO for immediate mark out utilising new continuous scanning technology up to 50 metres at a time. PipeHawk II MAP for comprehensive mapping. This New product has the benefit of new enhanced software and antenna. Making it more accurate, over a greater depth and even easier to use.

The Benefits of PipeHawk II

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