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The e-Spade lite is a GPR (Ground Probing/Penetrating Radar) designed specifically for use by competent bu non-specialist GPR operators to locate and map the position of buried anomalies.

When purchased with our unique Utility Mapping software installed (+ models) Additional features are available which enable the User to identify those anomalies displaying linear characteristics normally associated with pipes and cables.

The e-Spade lite is available with a choice of antenna systems and depending on the frequency of antenna used; the typical depth searched may vary from 1.5m to 4m however; as with all GPR systems, the search depth achieved will vary according to the prevailing subsurface conditions at the time of survey and may in exceptionally good or bad conditions, exceed 5m, or be restricted to less than 1.5m. This is because e-Spade lite captures signals reflected within fixed time intervals, but the speed of the signal through the ground varies as the sub-surface conditions and materials change. Depth penetration is typically greater in sandy or dry conditions than in clay or wet conditions. The size of target detectable (resolution) and the distance between adjacent targets (discrimination) necessary for them to appear as such is also affected by the frequency used. 

The e-Spade lite is also provided with an automatic and GPS enabled "Log of Use" facility which activates every time the system is turned on, maintaining an accurate record of Dates, times and locations of system usage. This may be used to assist in complying with national licensing conditions or as a management tool to ensure compliance with local Site usage requirements or Industry best practice.

Many countries now operate GPR restriction zones around Hospitals, Military establishments, Radio Astronomy sites etc and e-Spade Lite assists Users with its Restricted Sites database facility which when populated with details for a particular country or region, provides prior warning to the User of any potential infringement within a listed restricted area.




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