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PipeHawk Plc is a dynamic electronic systems development company developing solutions in the specialist fields of land mines and utilities detection. Founded on expertise in Ground Probing Radar (GPR) technology, the main activities of PipeHawk's Technology Division continue to be research and development, systems integration, and management of large-scale collaborative projects in multi-sensor applications.

PipeHawk’s commercial strategy is focused on the provision of GPR technology-based services. Recent acquisitions of the UK’s premier utility detection company and a 30% partnership in the UK’s first national franchise for site mark out services, have positioned PipeHawk as the leading utilities detection services provider.

PipeHawk is currently unique in its ability to offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of the UK market, from a single contractor requiring only a site mark out, to a full team of engineers & planners requiring extensive topological surveys with overlay mapping of a city’s complete utilities infrastructure. With several exciting projects in development including the application of real-time vehicle based integrated sensor suites, the future looks set to firmly establish PipeHawk’s position in the UK and beyond.

PipeHawk’s commercial strategy has evolved to focus primarily on provision of Ground Probing Radar (GPR) technology-based services whilst maintaining a core expertise in the research and development of GPR and related technologies. Through development, acquisition and partnership PipeHawk is firmly established as the UK's leading utilities detection services provider.

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